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Full Course Yellow and new penalties announced for second season

Formula E has announced the introduction of a Full Course Yellow for its second season of competition, as well as a revised penalty system available to the stewards during races to punish various offences.

Similar to the Virtual Safety Car in Formula 1, the race director will be able to declare a Full Course Yellow (FCY) during a race, which will limit the cars to a maximum speed of 50 kph. Drivers must maintain the previous gap to the car in front, and overtaking is not allowed. The pits will remain open during a FCY period, with cars also being limited to 50 kph in the pitlane. If the FCY is not deemed to be sufficient to clear an incident, the race director can then dispatch the Safety Car, and the regular procedure will follow.

Meanwhile, four penalties have been announced for the upcoming season, which the stewards can use to punish different degrees of offences. They are:

  1. A five-second time penalty – if this is assessed before a driver’s pit stop, they will serve it in the pits. Otherwise, it will be added to their race time after the race ends.
  2. A ten-second time penalty – to be applied in the same way as the above.
  3. A drive-through penalty – as with last season, a driver must enter and exit the pits without stopping.
  4. A ten-second stop and go penalty – the driver must stop in the pits for ten seconds before then exiting their pit box.

Article by Laurence Thorn
Photo credit: FIA Formula E Media