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Trulli participation in Putrajaya still uncertain

Trulli Formula E Team principal Lucio Cavuto has revealed in full why his team missed the season opener in Beijing, and how it affects their chances of racing in Putrajaya two weeks from now.

The Swiss team had to miss the Beijing ePrix due to their motors and inverters being stuck in Chinese customs. The team was unable to present its cars for technical inspection, and thus was scratched from the entry list.

Speaking to, the Trulli team principal explained the full story and how their short-term future depends on whether they can fly the parts directly from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur next week.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“The package landed on the October 8 and since between then and October 17, we could not get answers on a release from the customs people.[/pullquote]

“We delivered our inverters and our motors by our own freight and not by the championships logistics, which is with DHL Motorsport,” he said.

“So we then asked DHL Motorsport if they could please help us clear our case. We involved Formula E Holdings and also Mr. Steven Lu from NEXTEV who helped us a lot. So, last Wednesday we received an email from DHL Motorsport saying we had a green light for the package.

“We received another email on Thursday morning saying it was a red light and it was a big problem,” added Cavuto.

“We did all the papers and the requests of Chinese customs but the situation is that this case is still there at customs now.

“The next step we took was to speak to Mr. Alberto Longo (Deputy CEO of FEH). We are now trying to get the case from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur for the next round via DHL.

“We hope this happens and they will deliver because if we have to handle ourselves then we have to go back to Italy and deliver to KL, and we could have the same issues.”

The reason why the parts were not released by the Chinese customs is still unknown at this moment.

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Photo: FIA Formula E Media

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