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Hong Kong to spend $2.6 million upgrading streets

Hosting the opening round of the third Formula E season is expected to cost Hong Kong around $2.6 million as the streets of the harbour front need to be upgraded.

“According to Formula E Holdings, the Central Harbour front area with the Victoria Harbour and Central as backdrop, was a magnificent scene for audience which could not be found in any other stops and had thus attracted it to choose Hong Kong as the first stop of the Championship in its third season,” or so the minutes of a meeting held by Hong Kong’s panel on economic development in October said.

And now the local government will be spending millions of dollars to relocate trees and street lights, lower covers for underground facilities, and create more road ways, to enable racing in the unique location.

Work on the streets that will be involved in the race has already started, beginning last October, and are expected to last until September.

Feature image courtesy of FIA Formula E Media

Additional images used under Creative Commons