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Venturi passes season 3 crash test


The Venturi Formula E team has confirmed that their season 3 powertrain, named the VM200 FE-02, has passed the required crash tests for entry into next season’s championship.

The Monegasque team, who also supply powertrains to rivals Dragon Racing, undertook the tests on March 31st, only two days before Stephane Sarrazin took his maiden Formula E podium.

Louis-Marie Blondel, who is the head of development at Venturi Automobiles, explained the process of the powertrain crash test.

“We had to get the FIA approval for the entire rear part of the vehicle structure that we have significantly evolved. It was important to measure the crash box absorption capacity in case of accident. The crash box is supporting the rear wing of the car.

“The car was thrown against a wall to see how the crash box was deformed without impacting the rest of the vehicle. It is important for driver safety, but it is also to protect the car. All vital organs of the car are stored in the rear: the gearbox, the motor and the battery. Protecting these avoids high replacement costs.

“What is also important is that the FIA regulations limit us in the changes of these parts. You have the right to change one engine or one gear box per year. If you break too much and have to make a second change during the season you get hit with penalties.

“Without this approval from the FIA it was not possible to drive the car with these new upgrades. So we are satisfied at Venturi Automobiles as this is the validation of our Season 3 design and construction work. We can now bring our powertrain changes into the new architecture to perform better. It was a necessary step to finalize the development of the vehicle.”

Had the season three powertrain not passed the FIA crash tests, Venturi would had to have used the season two equipment for another season, as well as customers Dragon Racing.


Sarrazin image courtesy of Venturi
Other images courtesy of FIA Formula E Media


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