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Jérôme d’Ambrosio: “Weather conditions are a major factor”

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  • The Belgian took two podiums in London last season
  • He will continue for Dragon Racing in season 3

Last year, Jérôme d’Ambrosio scored two P2 finishes at Battersea Park. Deputy editor in chief Topher Smith caught up with the Dragon Racing driver ahead of this season’s finale.

Jérôme, you had a very special race here last year; do you think you can do even better?

“Well, if I repeat last year’s weekend, it’ll be already great; especially with the last couple of races we’ve had, we’ve been struggling… last year we had a great car. We are coming back to something similar this year, so hopefully we could be as good as last year.”

Do you think this track is more about the driver than the car? It's quite a technical circuit...

“I think, everywhere… All the tracks are the same. There are difficult bits in every track.”

Now, what are you plans for next season? Will you stay at Dragon now that you've gotten a couple of wins?

“There’s a whole press conference at 1.30, about the future and everything, so we wait for you then.”

(It was subsequently confirmed that d’Ambrosio and team-mate Duval would remain with Dragon Racing for season 3.)

Now, final question. Who do you think is winning the title this weekend?

“Ah! Can you really predict anything like that? I think it’s gonna be tough. Buemi’s been quicker all the year, and if they manage reliability this weekend, I think he has good chances to win the championship. I’ve been said that Lucas has been very strong in consistency, he’s extremely consistent, so it’s gonna be tough to beat him. But both of them have good chances. The real difficult part for them is the weather. The weather conditions are a major factor for them to fight for the title. It’s gonna be interesting.”

Topher Smith and Andrea Perilli |

Images courtesy of Rajan Jangda

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