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António Félix da Costa: “I expected a crazy race”


After a thrilling and tense race in which Team Aguri’s António Félix da Costa recovered from rain in qualifying to finish sixth on Saturday in London, senior editor Bethonie Waring caught up with the Portuguese driver to discuss his race day.

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“It was OK. Tricky qualifying, with the weather, with the rain there before my group and then I had to start at the back. I was in the same boat as Buemi and Di Grassi. We all had the same mindsets to go forwards and that’s what we did. I could see them attacking, I was trying to follow through.”

“I looked after my energy pretty well and the car was ok so I could go a little bit forwards. I was also a bit lucky with the guys that crashed out in front of us, so I’m happy with P6.”

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Were you thinking about Lucas and Seb’s championship whilst you were driving?” style=”text_only” color=”green” open=”true” css_animation=”appear” el_id=”1457462462816-456a668d-8c18″]

“I was not thinking about the championship but I was thinking about the situation and obviously their heads must have been very hot today and it would have been very dangerous for me to try any moves on them. It couldn’t be a try, it had to be something certain and I was never close enough to try that. I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s race, not because it’s them. Also for me, I needed a result.”

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“I expected a crazy race, especially with the grid being so mixed up. Lucas and Seb at the back, I was at the back as well, the two Dragon cars at the back, Nelson was at the back, and a few guys that normally aren’t so good on energy saving at the front so I knew there was going to be a big train, a lot of energy saving to do and it was going to be a crazy race.”

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What can you do tomorrow?” style=”text_only” color=”green” open=”true” css_animation=”appear” el_id=”1457463329639-9d8ec79b-dac0″]

“We’ll see. It remains to be seen. I think with the car we have we should aim for a seventh or eighth in qualifying and go a little bit forwards in the race.”


Bethonie Waring |


Images courtesy of Rajan Jangda