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#FEChallenge No.1: the places, the items, the winner


As part of our first #FEChallenge, we asked our readers to send us photos of a place or an item that reminds them of Formula E. Check out the photos and the accompanying stories below.

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Christian: I like this photo because of the NextEV cap and the Amlin Andretti sunglasses. And it was taken in Berlin, so …

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Daniela: “Guess it’s quite obvious why I chose this picture. Got to meet Bruno close up and had the chance to talk to him for a while. O.k., I guess neither of us was aware that the “I will take a picture of you two” by Naomi would result in standing on the stage for what felt like “ages” and being told to move right, move left, zip up your suit, smile this way, smile that way etc. Yet still, a great memory :)))”

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Sven: “I took this photo on Friday before the Berlin ePrix on my way to the race track. I chose it, because it was the first time I saw any racing driver in real life, so this was a very special moment for me ?”

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Tom: “I volunteered at the Twin City Auto Show last March in Minneapolis, MN through our electric car group, “Minnesota Plug-in Vehicle Owners’ Circle”. We had ten electric vehicles in the “Electric Room” at the auto show. This is me, in my Andretti Formula E shirt, next to the BMW i8 a few days before the opening of the show. I made a folder containing information about Formula E 100% Electric Autosport Racing for our table at the car show.”

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Sarah S.: The photo shows the landscape of Putrajaya and I took it in April this year. This photo reminds me the venue of the 2nd round of Formula E race in Season One and Season Two as the Putra Mosque and Prime Minister’s Office are the backdrop of our street circuit. As one of the biggest Formula E lovers in Malaysia, I had a lot of memories throughout two seasons during my visit in Putrajaya as I had enjoy my time with my fellow Formula E Malaysia Fan Site operators, fans and of course – the drivers and teams. I felt welcome by them as they show the best spectacular racing to the fans and its engagement in social media. Sadly, Putrajaya won’t be return in Season 3 calendar as I know. However, me and fellow FE fans are hoping that the venue will be return in the calendar for upcoming seasons.

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Monika: This photo remind me I want to take part of a FormulaE race and see Bruno to eye to eye! Its my dream! I would like it so much!

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Eva: “I got these sunglasses last February at the Buenos Aires ePrix. I won a pass for the DS Virgin Racing Fan Friday, and the PR people gave us these as a souvenir. Whenever I wear them, I remember what a great time I had hanging out at the garage during shakedown and how fascinating was watching the team at work. They also remind me of how Sam came by to say hi and talk to us for a minute right after jumping out of the car. Best memories.”

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Julio: “I send a pic of some of the things I gathered during the local ePrix, here in Mexico City, in which i covered for the Formula E Official Fan Site Mexico. This was an amazing experience for me and I hope to be there next year. I am now a fan for life of Formula E!”

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Edward: “This is a photo I took today of Let’s Race, a motorsport simulator centre in Horley, Surrey, England, not far from where my parents live. My memory is from an event that Current E did here on June 23, 2015, a few days before the first London ePrix at the end of the inaugural season. It was called “Challenge Chandhok” and the then Mahindra driver was to make an appearance and race against 6 randomly picked entrants.”


Most creative entry

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Norman: “The picture shows the F key on my keyboard. It reminds me on Formula E because I’ve covered every race using it. For me the F is the most important key, because you can’t write Formula E without F (ormula E would look silly).”


Entry that might have caused happy tears and big smiles (…we love you, too, Tobi!)

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Tobi: “So here’s my entry to the first #FEChallenge: Our Formula E geek dinner in Berlin. I like this image so much, a printed version of it even hangs in my room amongst other lovely memories with friends! However, the lot in this picture (plus the lads who ended up at Brandenburg Gate… Still no idea how ?) is more like a family to me. My favourite memory of the season? – The peerless #FEFamily!”


The winner

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Sarah C.: “My photo is of the public beach at long beach, a two-minute walk from iconic Shoreline drive. Both years the race was held there, we made a point of walking to the ocean and taking a long, relaxing stroll down the shore. Being from the East Coast, i live a short subway ride from the Atlantic Ocean so getting to see the Pacific in California will always be something i associate with happy memories of Formula E!”


Entries have been edited for length and spelling reasons. The winner will be notified this weekend. We would like to thank everyone for taking part – please do not forget to send your entries for #FEChallenge no.2 by midnight BST on Sunday.


Cover photo courtesy of Rajan Jangda