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Lopez announces apparent departure from DS Virgin Racing

After a complete season with DS Virgin Racing, Jose-Maria Lopez is set to leave the team. The driver himself announced his departure in an interview with Campeones and apparently did not leave the team on good terms.

Jose-Maria Lopez proved to be a valuable addition to the FIA Formula E grid in season three and was a favourite among the fans as well. Even though the Argentinian was able to set several highlights following an adjustment period, he seems to be without a drive for next season. Lopez himself announced he would not continue competing with DS Virgin Racing in an interview with Campeones.

“We’re in negotiations. It’s definitive I won’t stay at Virgin”, he said during the radio interview with Daniel Bosco which is also available on Campeones website. Nevertheless, the Argentinian did not stop there: “I haven’t been treated well by Alex Tai. He was not honest at all with me, I’ve always treated people with honesty in my career. So if it’s not this way, I prefer to stay out”, he accused his (most probably: former) team.

Lopez did not go into further detail concerning what exactly caused his distrust yet it seems obvious that he did not leave the team on good terms. Following the news, DS Virgin Racing’s driver announcement – which is scheduled for September 5, 2017 – will most likely involve Sam Bird who has been with the team from the start, and Alex Lynn who left a great impression following his replacement for Lopez in New York.

We are currently waiting to hear from DS Virgin Racing to get further information on Lopez’ accusations.

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