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Audi withdraw appeal on Abt disqualification

Team Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler have withdrawn their right to appeal against Daniel Abt’s disqualification, after consulting regulations.

Abt was disqualified from Race 2 of the Hong Kong ePrix after scrutineers identified at least one of his cars had parts that were not those listed on its technical passport. Details have not been released of how or why but although it did not necessarily give him a race advantage (being presumably identical parts except by serial number) scrutineers judged it in breach of sporting regulations and stripped Abt of the win.

At the time, Audi announced their intention to appeal. When a stewards’ decision is made in Formula E, teams have just one hour to decide whether to declare their intention to appeal. They then pay the FIA for time to assemble their appeal, up to two days.

As Audi’s lawyers are in Germany, the team would have been unable to consult them in order to make an informed decision and chose to lodge an intent to appeal to ensure they maintained the right to do so. However, it seems they were not able to find grounds to appeal on and have withdrawn their intent.

Audi did not actually lodge an appeal at any point, only declared their intention to do so. So no appeal has failed or been found at fault.