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d’Ambrosio’s season “not what we hoped for”

It’s been a relatively anonymous season for Jerome d’Ambrosio who, despite not being able to feature at the sharp end of the grid, is refusing to apportion blame as he looks to fight for points in Zürich.

The Belgian, who currently has two career wins to his name and fought for the title in season one, has only finished in the top ten on three occasions this year and was hoping for more, especially with some strong qualifying performances.

Even with the frustration of a below-par season, d’Ambrosio doesn’t believe that any one thing is to blame but the car as a whole can be improved upon.

“It’s not what we hoped for, but the last thing I want to do is pinpoint or blame someone or something specific,” said the 32-year-old. “The reality is that you win and lose as a team, and we struggled this year as a team.

“We’ve made some improvements, we’ve had strong qualifyings but in the race it’s been more difficult. We have three races to go and we’ll make the most out of them. It is a bit of everything, the whole package can improve a bit.

“We always want more, but being in the points [this weekend] will be good.”

In what is being regarded as a special weekend as the first motorsport event in Switzerland since 1954, d’Ambrosio praised the appeal of Formula E as the main factor in bringing the series to the country.

“The location is great, but what’s special here is that thanks to Formula E we are able to race in Switzerland after more than 60 years. That’s the magic of Formula E and it continues to surprise us all the time. Being here in Zürich is amazing.”

Amidst rumours of a potential exit from Dragon Racing at the end of the season, d’Ambrosio insists that nothing has yet been decided and hopes to be on the grid in time for the arrival of the Gen2 car.

“Nothing has been decided yet, so no news. I haven’t driven it yet, I’m looking forward to it as it looks cool and it’s a big step up in terms of power so should be good fun.”

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