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Mahindra Racing’s testing performance put to the test [Sponsored]

In mid October, the ABB Formula E circus came together for the official pre-season test to get a first feeling of what the second chapter of the all-electric racing series would be like. With a brand new driver pairing behind the wheel, Mahindra Racing was one of the teams looking forward to the try-out in Valencia the most. Here is how the Indian team performed overall.


In total, the eleven teams competing in the fifth season of the all-electric racing series completed 3.758 laps. That averages 341 laps per team – a stat that Mahindra only marginally missed out on with 306 laps done by Jerome d’Ambrosio and Pascal Wehrlein. This also means that the India team is responsible for 8% of all the laps done at pre-season testing in 2018. Unlike other teams, Mahindra Racing’s drivers put in nearly the same amount of laps: while d’Ambrosio put in 158 in total, his rookie teammate Wehrlein only completed ten less.

Laps completed in each session (d'Ambrosio vs. Wehrlein)

Laps completed in each session (Mahindra vs. all teams)


The fastest lap time during testing was set by Antonio Felix da Costa (BMW i Andretti Motorsport) with a 1:16.977. in the third testing session. Mahinda Racing’s best time at the pre-season test was put in by d’Ambrosio with a 1:17.431 in the third testing session as well, while his teammate Wehrlein’s best time around the circuit in Valencia was a 1:17.781. Nevertheless, gaining more experience during the entire pre-season test, Wehrlein managed to outperform his teammate in the last two session of the official first Gen2 outing (as the graphic on the right shows) – and the German also managed to establish himself as the third best rookie behind Alexander Sims (BMW i Andretti Motorsport) and Felipe Massa (Venturi Formula E Team).

Comparison Wehrlein vs. d'Ambrosio

Testing Session 1

Session best | 1:17.567
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:19.535
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:20.915

Testing session 3

Session best | 1:16.977
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:17.431
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:17.781

Testing session 4b

Session best | 1:17.342
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:20.134
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:20.543

Testing session 6

Session best | 1:17.402
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:18.409
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:17.888

Testing session 2

Session best | 1:17.553
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:17.987
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:18.606

Testing session 4a

Session best | 1:17.773
Jerome d'Ambrosio | no time set
Pascal Wehrlein | no time set

Testing session 5

Session best | 1:24.870
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:28.163
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:25.519

Best times overall

Fastest lap overall | 1:16.977
Jerome d'Ambrosio | 1:17.431
Pascal Wehrlein | 1:17.781

TESTING 2017 vs. TESTING 2018

As compared to their testing performance in 2017, Mahindra Racing improved on their lap times as well as the amount of laps completed during the pre-season test. In total, the team successfully completed 306 in 2018 and 286 laps in 207 – which equals an increase in 7%. Looking at the lap times, Mahindra Racing also improved massively in this area, going around the track 1.212 seconds faster on average during the pre-season test for Formula E’s fifth season. The only session in which d’Ambrosio and Wehrlein could not beat the team’s fastest time of 2017 was the fifth one due to the wet weather conditions.

Laps completed

Difference in fastest lap time

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