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Watch the all-electric Extreme E SUV make its debut at Goodwood

Ahead of the extreme series’ debut in 2021, Extreme E debuted its prototype SUV at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

Named the Odyssey 21, the electric-powered SUV took to the iconic hillclimb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) on Friday with Swedish racing driver Mikaela Ahlin- Kottlelinsky behind the wheel.

The robust 1,650 kg vehicle comes with 400kW (500bhp) peak output and is capable of hitting 100km/h in 4.5 seconds. The prototype revealed at Goodwood FOS will be the base model used in the Extreme E series that aims to highlight the issues surrounding climate change by racing in some of the most extreme and fragile ecosystems around the world. Some of the far-flung locations on the series’ calendar include the Himalayas, the Arctic and the Amazon.

The series has partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering to produce the battery of the SUVs while its standardised parts are manufactured by Spark Racing Technology. Meanwhile, niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frames are built into the body work along with the crash structure and roll cage, while the tyres designed to withstand the extreme elements will be supplied by Continental. At the moment, Venturi Automobiles have officially announced their commitment to the series.

Teams will be able to test and develop their own powertrain and select areas of bodywork. The prototype testing is due to begin in September this year while the 12 car fleet from Spark Racing Technology is expected to be delivered in March 2020. Group testing will follow sometime midway through next year. The teams are then expected to board Extreme E’s operating base and floating paddock on the former Royal Mail ship, the RMS St. Helena ahead of the opening race that is expected to begin in January 2021.

Picture credit: Extreme E

Video: Goodwood Road and Racing

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