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Renault to make space for Nissan after season 4

Following the news that Nissan will join Formula E in time for its fifth season, Renault has announced its departure from the all-electric racing series. Due to the manufacturers alliance, Renault will help Nissan getting used to the highly competitive environment of Formula E.

Unsurprisingly following yesterday’s news of Nissan joining Formula E, Renault has announced its departure from the series after just four years. The French squad wants to focus more on their involvement in Formula 1 and thus hand over their spot to sister company Nissan.

“We had an incredible championship run during our first three years in Formula E and look forward to a competitive fourth season with the benefit of a very stable environment at Renault e.dams,” said Thierry Koskas, Groupe Renault EVP sales & marketing. “As a pioneer in EV, we have learned a tremendous amount about high-performance electric vehicles and energy management that directly benefits our EV customers. After Season 4 we will focus resources on our aggressive goals for Formula 1 and we look forward to continuing to gain benefits from motorsport racing across the Alliance with Nissan.”

Given the manufacturers’ alliance, Renault will ensure a smooth transition for Nissan into Formula E and the series’ competitive environment by working with the all-electric racing newbie. Across the Alliance, our engineering teams will be able to share performance data that benefits all brands. Diversifying our racing strategy while still benefiting from the experience we gain from our motorsport programs, is one of the resource multipliers of being part of the Alliance,” added Koskas.

Image courtesy of FIA Formula E Media

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