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#FEChallenge: picture-perfect finale


Ahead of the Hong Kong ePrix, we asked the competitors of our #FEChallenge to go though the photo archives of our fantastic photographer Rajan Jangda. Here are the results of the final challenge.

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Emer: Well you were right, it was mad difficult to choose, but I think this has to be the one. Streamers in the air, champagne bottles in hand and both of the lads looking thrilled. They’re like a analogy for Formula E itself. Legendary names you know, faces that look quite familiar, the same dedication and passion but a fresh new take and personality to discover. Or maybe I’m just a bit tired and excited about the new season that I’m waxing poetic here, which is probably much more likely. Anyways, a lovely photo that brings back great memories of being in Battersea in July.


Edward: This is a shot from the podium for the penultimate London ePrix, and I picked it because it is a happy moment, but one that is poignant for many reasons. I like the composition here, with Nico in the middle but Bruno slightly off centre. The blue ribbons also seem to decorate the sky nicely; I really like the way one of the ribbons goes from Nico’s nose up to Bruno’s cap, as if to show the connection between them. It also is a very personal shot, which doesn’t focus at all on the crowd behind them; just two friends isolated against the bright blue sky. Speaking of colours, the yellow and blue of e.Dams and the red and white of Mahindra contrast really well with one another, in a kind of “Blue Oni/Red Oni” way.

Of course this would prove to be Bruno Senna’s only Formula E podium appearance, (on his last weekend as a driver) and that already makes this an important enough photo. There was obviously a rivalry between both their families, but that had already ended when they were both children, yet they’ve both had to answer so many questions about it, and almost keep up the pretence that they are “Senna vs. Prost part 2”, because that’s what the media wants. But here, the facade is lifted; they warmly touch one another on the shoulder, and the smiles on their faces are very genuine and familiar to one another. The rivalry people want to see died long ago, but the respect between them is still strong, just as it was with Ayrton and Alain before the terrible day in Imola that so nearly stopped Bruno from ever sitting in a racing car. I think Nico and Bruno, whilst being their own men, display some of the best traits of their families as human beings; I feel that’s something Rajan captured really nicely here in a simple but effective photo.

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Christian: I am a huge Daniel Abt fan and I really love the composition of this particular photo. Especially because you can also see the Audi rings.

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Sven: The reason why I’ve chosen the attached picture: This was the moment when my heart broke for the first time on that day. I’ve been on standing 4 – near a monitor – and have been able to follow what happened at the first corner. I wasn’t aware, that – if Buemi wasn’t able to continue the race – di Grassi would’ve been the champion. I just have been shocked by what I saw and needed to chug my beer. 😀 Then i saw that both drivers were able to continue somehow…From that moment on, when both of them came back to the pits, I was so thrilled by everything that happened on track…for me, this was just like 2008’s F1 finale, when I was rooting for Felipe Massa – except the fact, that di Grassi hasn’t been defeated in the last few corners…Nevertheless, when they showed di Grassi stopping the car, I knew: that’s it – I’m not even sure, whether I saw the chequered flag. Especially the moment Buemi entered the podium was very emotional for me. Seconds ago I cheered for Daniel and posted a photo of him raising his trophy and now I stood there, trying not to cry like a little baby (but despite the fact I’ve been in the front row I did xD)

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Norman: I chose this picture of Lucas, because I prefer pictures of people over pictures of things. The angle of it has something superior, what I really like. Without being an art expert I can see the golden ratio, what makes pictures comfortable to look at, and a good contrast between the red suit and the blue sky. The sky itself is pretty arty and really beautiful and tops the whole thing off.

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Eva: I love this picture because it’s so simple, and yet I think it captures perfectly the spirit of Formula E wanting to bring racing to the people by doing it in the streets of big cities. I love the way the buildings frame the race track and the people on the stands.


Images courtesy of Rajan Jangda