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Prost aims for victory in the Principality

Nico Prost is confident that he can claim his first victory of the season in Monaco, but may have to rely on a strong qualifying amid fears or a similarly processional race to that of 2015.

Prost has claimed three victories so far in his Formula E career, but has been overshadowed by Renault e.dams team-mate Sebastien Buemi in season three as the Swiss driver has dominated all but one event.

The Frenchman attributes his recent struggles to qualifying, which he believes is the only thing stopping him from competing for wins as well.

“Seb has been extremely strong but I think my race pace has been very good,” explained Prost. “It’s just qualifying, I don’t like to say I’ve not been lucky but with the groups I was not really helped, Q1 is very hard for getting it to the top spot, so if I can qualify at the front I know I can win the race.

“Winning in Monaco would be amazing. For sure there are some places and tracks where you would be really happy to win. For me, Miami was fantastic as it’s a city that means a lot to me and I would have loved to have won in Moscow. If you win in Monaco and Paris you remember it for the rest of your life.

“In the end when you get in on Saturday morning you are just focused on your race and what you want to do. It’s more before and after that you think about it more. On race day you are just focused on your work.”

With the 2015 Monaco ePrix turning out be a processional race with limited overtaking, Prost remains apprehensive about whether the 2017 event will bring more excitement and hopes that differing strategies can mix up the order.

“I’m a bit worried about that, the track is very single trajectory. There’s not much space and a lot of the corners go straight to another corner so it’s very hard to move.”

“If you look at turn one you are coming from the right side of the track to brake on the left, you are crossing a lot. I’m a bit worried about that, except if there’s a lot going on with strategies, overtaking will be very hard.”

Image courtesy of Rajan Jangda

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