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Rajan’s top 20 shots from Paris

Rajan’s top 20 shots from Paris »

Focus | ePrix Regarded as one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world, Paris is seemingly the perfect location to host a Formula E event. Here's is Rajan Jangda's take on the Paris ePrix, told through the lens of his trusty camera. Three-wheeling across the apexes, touring car style. Handing out CVs [...]
ePrixview: oui, oui, Paris!

ePrixview: oui, oui, Paris! »

Focus | ePrixviewLucas di Grassi won last year's ePrix. Will he do it again?The race came to a very turbulent end. Welcome to Paris. The City of Light is the host city of this season's sixth ePrix and fans are in for fabulous action on and off track. gives you a unique insight into [...]
Rajan’s top 20 shots from Monaco

Rajan’s top 20 shots from Monaco »

Focus | ePrix The Formula E circus recently hit the streets of Monaco and on hand with his array of cameras was Rajan Jangda, ready to snapshot everything fast and furious in the Principality. After a tricky selection process, Rajan takes us through his 20 favourite shots. Antonio Felix da Costa blasting past the Brasserie. [...]
Rajan’s top 20 shots from Silverstone

Rajan’s top 20 shots from Silverstone »

Focus | #6hSilverstone The 2017 World Endurance Championship season kicked off in style as 99 drivers across 34 machines tackled the Silverstone circuit in the heart of England, with Rajan Jangda casting his trusty lens over proceedings. After four days and countless snaps, Rajan has selected his top 20 shots from the season opener. The [...]
Safety in Formula E

Safety in Formula E »

The safety car leads the race in ParisMa slows down for yellow flags Motorsport is dangerous: these words are plastered everywhere around racing events because the statement is very true. The FIA Formula E Championship, which has seen all-electric racing take to streets all around the world, is no exception. Dealing with electricity as the [...]
What next for FanBoost?

What next for FanBoost? »

Di Grassi has been one of the most vocal criticizers of the FanBoostMahindra was one of the best at engaging fans through social media this season Controversy surrounding Formula E’s unique FanBoost feature has been an ongoing theme this season. evaluates the options Formula E has with regards to FanBoost in season 3. Now, [...]
Formula E race set up: The hidden nightmares

Formula E race set up: The hidden nightmares »

Focus | Technical From an outsider's point of view it looks like most of the work is done on track by the driver, but they wouldn't even be able to compete with teams of mechanics fine-tuning the car to find that perfect set up. But how do you find that optimal tuning for a Formula [...]
Topher’s Thoughts: Assessing the S3 driver line up

Topher’s Thoughts: Assessing the S3 driver line up »

Focus | DriversCould Massa switch series and enter Formula E?de Silvestro's seat appears to be under threat With only the double-header London ePrix left to run in season 2, the Formula E paddock is rife with speculation as to who will race where in season 3. 20 drivers will take part in the season opener, [...]
One miracle too few: Andretti and HMI part ways

One miracle too few: Andretti and HMI part ways »

Focus | TechnicalThe partnership between Andretti and HMI was announced at last season's London ePrixRobin Frijns and Simona de Silvestro have been piloting season 1 technology this season It was one of the big stories of pre-season testing, the sight of the Andretti Formula E car stuck in the garage and repeatedly stopping on track. [...]
Diffusers: How do they work?

Diffusers: How do they work? »

Focus | Technical It’s of the current trend to fit the rear of your race car with an aerodynamic device called a diffuser. These are by no means new, by a very efficient way of producing downforce. These now common devices can produce up to 30% of effective downforce. But the main question is, how [...]